Human sanitation tunnel and wheels

Homologated Product

Technical specifications:
- Stainless steel structure (INOX)
- LED ambient lighting strip (12V)
- Spraying system (5.5bar / 12V 8Ah pressure pump)
- 16 liter tank
- Disinfectant collection tank.

We build tunnels for a general disinfection of people entering a public or private institution (hospitals, schools, town halls, hotels, factories) or for access to bus stations.
Spray disinfectant on clothing all over your body. It also disinfects shoes with the same consumption.

The package contains:
1x Disinfectant tunnel;
1x Helmet to protect the head and face.

Users have confirmed to us that it is very effective in fighting viruses / bacteria, and especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.


- Sprays all over the body;

- The so-called loss, which does not settle on the human body, as well as the vapors that drip from the side walls are collected in the lower tank, for the disinfection of the soles of the shoes;

- The collecting tank has an overflow valve: it can be collected in a container, obtaining two more benefits:

1. Permanent retrieval of disinfectant from the tank!

2. The disinfectant recovered from the tank can be reused when disinfecting concrete surfaces and steps in front of entrances!

* The delivery term is 5-10 days from the payment of an advance of 50% based on a proforma invoice and the difference on delivery.
** The price does not include transport.
*** We sell detergents based on detergents.


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The disinfectant tunnel, as we have now called it, during the pandemic, is actually a room with dense fog, and after the pandemic it can be used to cool the body during the heatwaves, supply it with water.
The destinations where it is useful are:
On the beaches, in the swimming pools, in the summer gardens, in agriculture, in the factories and workshops, but also in general where there are physically demanding activities, it is possible to enter it even dressed in summer clothes.