Passenger and driver protection, rear and side, transparent

As passenger transport must continue during pandemics, we offer for sale buses equipped with effective protection solutions for both passengers and drivers.

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- Integral protection of the driver both at stations and while driving;
- Does not affect the driver's visibility through the rear-view mirrors;
- Total separation with flexible transparent screens of the seats from the window;
- Sufficient distance by alternately occupying places from the corridor;
- Clear and unmistakable marking of prohibited seats;
- Disinfects quickly and easily;
- No risks to traffic safety;
- There are no unsightly marks when removing the protective equipment.

In the video above we present the equipment version for pandemic weather, the variant that minimizes the risk of infection during bus travel.


  • For our bus models, the passenger and driver protection curtains can also be delivered in the form of a kit with assembly instructions.
  • For other bus models they can be executed by factory scheduling.
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