Passenger and driver protection, rear and side, transparent

As passenger transport must continue during pandemics, we offer for sale buses equipped with effective protection solutions for both passengers and drivers.

Human sanitation tunnel

Homologated Product

We build tunnels for a general disinfection of people entering a public or private institution (hospitals, schools, town halls, hotels, factories) or for access to bus stations.
Spray disinfectant on clothing all over your body. It also disinfects shoes with the same consumption.

The package contains:
1x Disinfectant tunnel;
1x Helmet to protect the head and face.

Sanitation tray (disinfection) soles and wheels

The new generation of trays for disinfection of shoe soles, stretcher wheels, wheelchairs for the disabled locomotive / supermarket / airport. They offer the advantage of effectively washing the soles and wheels, being designed with ramps through the tray with disinfectant. We propose with this new way, to change the role of the mats, namely, they will be usefully dried on both sides (inlet / outlet) in and out of the tray, to wipe away moisture and go clean further.