6-year warranty for the FPT rear axle, used to increase payload, which benefits from a European network of over 2500 service points.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Maxi is the ideal technical solution to transport payload equal to other vehicles in the same range of 7.5 tons, but with a consumption of 5-7 liters / 100km lower.
Low maintenance cost and higher reliability.
With the new encreased payload rear axle, you save the chassis monthly rate.

The same chassis is also used for the 34-seater SPRINTER GRANTURISMO coach, with a maximum weight of 7,440 kg.
In operation for 3 years. The first coaches have over 350,000 km run.
European Certificate of Conformity (WVTA 2007/46) for stage 2 approval in single / double cab versions and 4 different wheelbase.


  • Base chassis: Mercedes – Benz Sprinter 519 
  • Engine OM 642, 140 kW (190 CP) 3800 rpm
  • Mass in running order: 2500 kg 
  • Maximum technically admissible mass: 7400 kg 
  • Payload: 4900 kg 
  • Wheelbase: 3750 mm 
  • Length: 6547 mm
  • Width: 2020 mm
  • Available: Single cab (1+1) seats 
  • Air suspension for the rear axle.

BA3 Active Brake Assist
C71 Rear anti-fog bar CE
CB8 Grade II increased stability package
DUP0 Base Duplicate Code 0
ED4 Heavy-duty battery
ES0 Startup Assistant - Contact
FF5 Shelf above the windscreen
FJ4 Comp. Deposits. under the board
H1B Tachograph control under the ceiling
H21 Thermal insulating glass with windshield filter tape
IG4 Standard
IG5 Basic
J10 Tachometer km / h
J58 Warning signal for wearing sig, sof
J65 Temperature indicator
JA8 Crosswind Assist
JD6 EU Intelligent Tachograph
JW5 Lane Keeping Assist
K13 Main tank 71 liters
KP6 SCR emission control system
L94 Remove the parking lamp
LA2 Road light assistant

LB2 Pre-equipment for side gauge lamps
LE1 Adaptive brake light
MG5 Engine OM 642 FROM 30 TO 140 kW (190 hp) 3800 rpm
MJ8 ECO start / stop function
MP6 Engine version Euro 6
MQ0 OBD (on-board diagnostics) stage D
Q11 Reinforced side members
RD9 Tires without manufacturer's specification
RS6 5.5 J x 16 steel rim
SA5 Airbag driver
VF7 Fabric Maturin black
XC1 COC documents, incomplete
XV1 Reference mass of at least 2381 kg required
XZ0 Model generation 0
Y26 Wheel mounting bracket
Z2E National version for EU - EFTA
Z2N Category N2
Z4W Production in Ludwigsfelde
A50 Front axle with increased load
BH1 HOLD function
BR9 Pre-equipment for auxiliary engine brake
C6L Multifunction steering wheel
CE8 High body
CL1 Steering wheel adjustable in height and depth
E07 Ramp start assistant
E1D Digital radio (DAB)
E3J Pre-install switch panel
E3M MBUX multimedia system with 7-inch screen
ED5 Special parameterizable module
EK1 Strips for electrical connections
F68 Heated and adjusted exterior mirror electr.
FW1 Remove the rear cabin wall
G42 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission
HH9 Air conditioning, semi-automatic, TEMPMATIC
JF1 Rain sensor
KL5 Diesel filter with water separator
L13 Fog projector with cornering lighting function
L72 Electrical system for superstructure
LD0 Ceiling control panel with 2 reading spots
M60 Alternator 14 V / 250 A
MD5 Speed limiter 100 km / h EG
MS1 Cruise
P08 Coverage for delivery
P47 Front mudguards
R60 Temporary spare wheel support

R87 Spare wheel
RG3 Tires type 205/75 R 16 C
RM1 Tires type M + S
S22 Driver's seat armrest
S87 Driver's seat frame, lowered
S91 Removes front passenger seat
S99 Removal of passenger seat frame
SB3 Comfort driver's seat with hydraulic suspension
SW1 We remove the high adjustment belt and front passage buckle
XA4 Variant weight 4,600 kg
XS3 Plates / Books, Romanian Language
XY0 An model 0
Y10 First aid kit
Y44 Reflective triangle
Z11 Variant for unfavorable roads